Project Commitment

This is a beautiful house renovated by Ring Group. The front entrance was renovated and lobby received new tiles, new glass and stainless steel balustrades. The lift was repaired and tested. Tiles on 4 level of balconies were removed, bedding, repaired, waterproofed and retiled. Renovation of the pool, filled and leak tested. Other repairs can be seen on the photos below.

  • Four storey house situated in Caringbah, NSW.
  • Major works had been carried out at a neighbouring property causing damage to the bedrock base of this residence.
  • This caused major structural cracking in the walls, render and tiles in every room over four levels.
  • The pool also cracked and suffered a leak.
  • We carried out substantial rectification works to all rooms and areas on all floors internally and externally and the house was totally renovated.
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