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Ring Group has attained comprehensive experience since the 1960’s, in the North Shore region of Sydney to facilitate quality property developments, planning, design, and the construction of various commercial and residential properties.

Professional pride shows in everything we do. From first consultation, we can draft plans or commence construction to existing specs with knowledge and insight that comes from years of service. We respect specifications, budgets, timetables, materials, aesthetics and codes. Our customised services are flexible and competitive.

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For home and business construction or design, our team of qualified builders and architects have satisfied customers since 1963. We have been behind the scenes partners on hundreds of projects, contracted by individual developers, commercial firms and government bodies to put planning into practice – all with smooth, successful results.

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To be a reference in the building industry. Guarantee the satisfaction and trust of our customers.                                      


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Build well-planned and coordinated works in Australian Standards to deliver quality in detail. Create value and contribute to Australia’s social and economic development.


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Innovation, Integrity, Credibility and Social responsibility.


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