Caringbah, NSW

  • Four storey house situated in Caringbah, NSW.
  • Major works had been carried out at a neighbouring property causing damage to the bedrock base of this residence.
  • This caused major structural cracking in the walls, render and tiles in every room over four levels.
  • The pool also cracked and suffered a leak.
  • We carried out substantial rectification works to all rooms and areas on all floors internally and externally and the house was totally renovated.
The front entrance to the property during rectification works.
The lobby showing tiles to be replaced and lift.  
Scaffolding being installed through all 4 storeys of the building.
The pool sustained damage and cracked.  This had to be stripped, resealed and retiled.
Typical external damage.
Typical of some external damage.
Tiles on 4 levels of balconies were removed, bedding repaired and waterproofed and retiled.
The pool being filled and leak tested.
The property entrance on completion of the repairs and renovations.
The lobby area. New tiles, new glass and stainless steel balustrades.  The lift was repaired and tested.
One of the completed balconies.
The pool completed.
Dining room and kitchen.  
Living area.
Entertainment deck outside the pool.
The theatre room.